Cootamundra Stock Fender


The Cootamundra Stock Fender is built on the same pattern us our ultimate saddle in craftsmanship and comfort, our trademark Mathew Murray Cootamundra Poley, with the added bonus of fenders!  It can be crafted with your choice of colour for kangaroo-hide inlays and welts and thread. All components are shaped and sewn by hand using traditional construction and materials. Constructed on a Jeff Freeman traditional wood-steel tree, the Cootamundra Stock Fender is a saddle to use and to treasure and is suitable for Campdrafting, Polocrosse, stock work and anybody who wants the comfort of a stock saddle but with fenders instead of stirrup leathers.  All saddles come fully mounted.

Features of our Cootamundra Stock Fender:
– Premium US harness leather
– Jeff Freeman traditional wood-steel tree
– Top quality solid brass fittings
– Your choice of inlay, welt and thread colours
– Traditional scrolling on fenders
– Superior English serge
– All components shaped and sewn by hand
– Suitable for Campdrafting, Polocrosse, stock work

Mat has a wealth of experience in the horse industry and understands what it takes to build a saddle from scratch to suit both you and your horse.

Feel free to contact Mat and the team on 0407722089 to discuss your options or use our online form to request a personalised quote.



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