We start with the best fitting trees available, eliminating the need for expensive pads, and we hand-shape our seats to allow the rider to sit comfortably and easily in the correct position.  We are confident that our SQH trees will fit most standard Australian Stock horses and can order FQH trees to suit.  If you are unsure about the spread that you need, we can use wire tracings to match your horse’s profile to our trees.


All of our saddle and carving patterns have been designed and honed by Mat to create a distinctive and flowing style.  It’s always challenging to find a balance between functionality and beauty but Mat has used his artistic skills to ensure that our saddles are comfortable and hard-wearing while also looking good in the Showing ring.


With a combined 50+ years in the industry, Mat and Mick are stand-outs in the Australian saddlery trade.  We use a unique blend of traditional and modern techniques to craft our saddles to ensure they can endure Australia’s harshest conditions while retaining a beautiful look and unsurpassed comfort for the rider.


We always polish and dye our edges to seal the leather edges of your saddle and all saddles are oiled and given a coating of leather conditioner for protection before they leave our workshop. We use only the best quality leather and fittings in our saddles and each one is finished to ensure the long-term durability of your saddle.