How traditional stock saddles have evolved to suit Australian conditions

English saddles came to Australia when the British brought horses and our traditional stock saddles are still made on a pattern similar to these early saddles. An English saddle is normally very flat with small knee rolls under the flap and the panels are lined with leather. However, this pattern needed some modifications to suit the harsher conditions in the […] Continue Reading

Why does our leather smell so good?

Customers to our workshop, even those who have visited before, often stop and comment on the smell when they first walk in. Now, in any other workshop, we might be worried about our personal hygiene but here at Riverina Saddlery, we get it… our leather smells really, really good!

How should I look after my saddle?

We always advise that you think about the leather in your saddle in the same way that you do about your skin – it needs to be kept clean and well-nourished with access to plenty of fresh air.