Mathew Murray Country Belt



You won’t find “genuine leather” products anywhere in our workshop and we’re proud of it!

Did you know that “genuine leather” is one of the lowest grades of leather?

It’s actually made up of a number of layers of extremely low-grade leather glued together and then painted to look uniform. The only thing cheaper are the belts that are literally cardboard covered by a thin layer of cheap leather. These belts are fine when you need something to accessorise a one-off event but they’re never going to last the distance.

Our Country belt is handcrafted in our Wagga Wagga workshop from first-grade leather and top-quality brass fittings. The leather is smooth and supple and luxurious to touch while also being incredible strong and durable. This belt is going to outlast many pairs of jeans!


Choosing your belt size:

To find the correct belt size, lie an old belt flat and measure from the end tip of the tongue on the buckle to the hole that you use most often. This is the belt size that you will need.

Many people use a person’s jeans as a guide when buying a belt as a gift. We recommend adding 4″ to the size of the person’s jeans. (eg 34″ jeans would need a 38″ belt) If there are any issues with sizing we are happy to exchange for the correct size.

As an old and traditional trade, we most often use inches for our measurements in the workshop. If you’ve only got a ruler or measuring tape with centimeters, here’s a rough conversion guide.

81.3cm = 32″

86.4cm = 34″

91.4cm = 36″

96.5cm = 38″

101.6cm = 40″

106.7cm = 42″

111.8cm = 44″

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